A downloadable game for Windows

In this real-time power management arcade duel, hot swap your ships systems on the fly to outplay your opponent and win the first to three match.

Two Controllers & Two Human Beings Needed to Play

Left Stick | turn and move

 Right Stick | real-time power management

 Left Trigger | boost

Right Trigger | shoot

F | toggle between fullscreen/windowed

(#RemakeJam of  https://scratch.mit.edu/projec... )


Discord | Aviland #1188

Install instructions

Unzip, then run the executable



Antimony 2.0 (#FinishThatRemakeJam) *Optomized 22 MB
Antimony 1.0 (#RemakeJam Submission) 20 MB

Development log


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I tried to play this for the FTRjam, but unfortunately I neither have a second player nor the controllers for this game. It seems like an interesting concept but I can't go much beyond that. Good luck!