Controls: WASD to move and turn, Spacebar to eat

A "small world" out in space, with some of the harshest living conditions known to man. Relatively barren, except for one particularly hardy creature. The infamous Tardigrade a micro animal with many names. Some know them as... Water Bears. Take your best shot at surviving on this cruel planet.

Best of Luck -Aviland

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Tips and Tricks:

  • d/a keys lock your heads orientation while propelling you in the relevant direction (movement keys)
  • w/s keys bend your body (directional keys)
  • Combining these controls in different ways gives you three different methods of changing your direction.
  • Method 1: Bend your body in the desired direction then move in it, releasing the directional control to reduce drag
  • Method 2: Press both a directional and movement key simultaneously then release to fling yourself
  • Method 3: Secret Pro Level Move. Spam both movement keys, then hold just one of them down. Voila the auto-spin.
  • Explore the levels and game mechanics then take advantage of that newfound knowledge and go for the Highest of scores.

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