A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Optimize your delivery routes for the betterment of mankind.

A take on the new wave of automation. (*specifically)

Video by Viixun ^-^ (*v1)


Parcel Toss v4.2 26 MB
Mac Parcel Tossv4.2 26 MB
Linux Parcel Toss v4.2 31 MB
Windows Build v1 19 MB

Development log


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Not sure why the parcels appear as blue boxes on the Mac build for me?

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Thanks for the heads up ^-^ (i dont have any apples so I can't playtest my mac builds) *must be a shader issue, so I'll see what i can do! 

Edit: I think I've fixed it! as well as a host of other bugs and performance issues


Thanks for fixing the issue! It works well now. The only issue for me now is when I restart using r. I can't scan any boxes and nothing works if I restart using r. Have to quit and reopen the game to start fresh.

Whoops! I think I fixed all the game breaking stuff (*a byproduct of the new optimization methods) kept in the flip though, turned out to be an unexpectedly cute end game mechanic.


I was so confused at the beginning, however this game was made very nicely! I will definitely be having another go in my spare time!


I really like these wacky physics of the camera and the boxes. :D At the first play I didn't  saw the door handle. I know there was a text but I realized this at first at my second try after I closed the game and restarted it. Your game is not finished or? Because the counter said 0 but nothing happend. Or was this supposed to be? Should I feelt that I'm a slave of my work? How devilish. :D
And I've found a secret place where I probably not supposed to be ... xD
(I pulled the door down when I stood inside)

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Thanks for playing! When the counter gets to 0 you just have to wait for a bit before it becomes obvious what is happening and then it'll open. (I'll add some more indications in the future too make sure its clear)

You hitched a ride on the truck! ^o^

I turned truck riding into a feature of the game, now you can go along with the truck on its delivery route!